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The leather harness is an universal lingerie

The leather harness is a special type of lingerie. It is designed to underline your sexy body shapes with adjustable straps. Whether it's paired with matching underwear or completely naked, the harness is guaranteed to hold your partner.


The advantage of classic underwear is that the harness can also be actively used in sex life.  Being able to fasten handcuffs, ankle cuffs or a leash to all rings and straps invites you to play hard role-playing games.   With little effort, you can be bound in all desired positions and helplessly dependent on your partner. 

If you prefer to lead in the bedroom, you can, of course, complement your harness set perfectly with matching accessories from our range for something more challenging.


Out of bedroom, the leather accessories establish themselves more and more as a trend in Europe.  So, when you can finally get ready for your first After-Corona party, your leather accessories should definitely be there.

The whip and handcuffs may be best left at home for these kinds of events, but with the right harness, you're sure to be eye-catching at every event.  Leather straps can be combined over and under clothing to match your outfit.


Be brave and become a trendsetter with leather accessories from Insider For Ladies!

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